A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

  • TypeKnight is a turn-based, boss rush typing game inspired by The Typing of the Dead.
  • Play as a knight searching for treasure, and battle three different bosses each with their own unique typing mechanics!
  • Features adaptive difficulty  based on the player's words-per-minute, so the game will present a unique challenge regardless of typing speed.

TypeKnight was made by six students over the course of a single semester for the Alternative Game Development course at the University of Utah's undergraduate Entertainment Arts & Engineering program.

Joshua Rosen - Programming
Jake Water - Art
Yingning Ye - Art
Jenny Whitecar - Art
Brandon Montero - Art and Sound
Liam Scott - Design

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip folder and run "TypeKnight" executable.

Mac: Unzip folder and navigate to TypeKnight_Mac.app/Contents/MacOS. Run "TypeKnight_Mac" executable.

Made in Unity.


TypeKnight.zip 66 MB
TypeKnight_Mac.zip 68 MB